Over 11,000 tonnes of citrus fruit exported in Tunisia

Tunisia exported 11, 573 tonnes of citrus fruit were exported in Tunisia over the period from last October to March 12, 2019  in comparison with 10, 206 tonnes in the last season, Rim Dridi Deputy Director of Applied Research at the National Inter-branch Group for Fruits Wednesday said.

Export revenues reached 21,115 million Tunisian dinars against 20, 171 MTD during the same period in the previous season.

Maltese orange make the bulk of citrus fruit exports (over 90%) and are essentially directed towards the French market.

In this connection, Dridi said  the French market absorbed in the period between October 2018 and March 2019 over 90% of total Maltese orange exports, that is 10, 340 tonnes out of 10, 520 tonnes.

The remaining quantities were exported to Gulf countries, Canada, Libya and European Union member states.

Besides, exports of clementines jumped to 368 tonnes compared to 310 tonnes in the previous season.


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