Ways to solve water resources issues in Sidi Bouzid discussed

Water resources issues in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid will soon be solved, said Friday Secretary of State for Water Resources and Fisheries Abdallah Rabhi.

Chairing the Regional Water Council, Rabhi said in a statement to media that it was decided to immediately start drilling the wells in Jelma, adding that the Prime Minister ordered to provide 3.6 million dinars (MD) for the benefit of regions facing thirst in Jelma.

The official announced the programming of a large project costing 60 MD, which will concern Mazouna, Menzel Bouzaiene and Meknassi.

He also reported that this meeting helped to solve many problems like connecting the wells of the delegation of Sidi Ali Ben Aoun to electricity sources.

Rabhi highlighted the improvement of the governance and rationalisation of water consumption in a number of hydraulic groups in Sidi Bouzid, stressing that 25% of these structures have managed to improve their yields during the last two years.

The Regional Water Council was marked by the signature of the “Water Pact” on the participatory management of the Baraqua groundwater and the examination of the drinking water supply during the summer season 2019.


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