Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed imperative to reform and promote mechanisms of joint Arab action

Saudi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf called, Friday in Tunis for the imperative to reform and promote the mechanisms of joint Arab action in order to enable the League of Arab States to carry out its mission effectively.

He also voiced the need to ensure that the Arab League keeps pace with regional and international developments and can meet the challenges facing the Arab region, at the opening of the foreign ministers’ preparatory meeting of the Arab League Council at the Summit level.

Al-Assaf reminded that the previous Al-Quds Summit chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had placed the Palestinian cause at the heart of the Arab world’s priorities, expressing his country’s categorical refusal to allow the United States and other countries to recognise Al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

He revealed his country’s total refusal and condemnation of the US administration’s decision to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.
The US decision will have negative consequences for the Middle East peace process and for the security and stability of the Arab region in general, al-Assaf said, indicating that Saudi Arabia had called for a continuation of UN-led efforts and support for the two UN envoys to Syria and Yemen and its Special Representative for Libya.

With regard to Yemen, the Saudi FM asserted that the kingdom pledged to back up the unity and stability of this country in addition to the support for the legitimate government and efforts to that end”.

Al-Assaf asserted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains support to the Syrian people and will exert efforts to end their suffering and meet their humanitarian needs.
On the Libyan case, al-Assaf said that his country supports legitimate state institutions in Libya and expresses its commitment to the Skhirat Agreement (Morocco) signed on December 17, 2015, as a political roadmap for the crisis in Libya.


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