Tunisia endeavours to implement digital blockchain

Tunisia has become the first state to endeavour in implementing a blockchain-based distributed-ledger digital currency in a global drive of developed and developing economies to migrate toward cashless economies, says Walid Driss, the Tunis-based founder and chief executive of DigitUS Tech.

Driss, a US-educated Tunisian engineer, has already instituted a blockchain-based digital payment system called DigiCash with La Poste Tunisienne, Tunisia’s postal service, and is working with the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), and the BCT governor Marouane El Abassi to explore and study the launch of a national digital dinar.

The Tunisian central bank has set up a working group to study blockchain, digital payments and cryptocurrencies overseen by El Abassi and Driss serving as a founding member.

In a statement to media, Driss said he and Abassi had discussed plans for a future digital dinar and how a digital currency could combat money-laundering, decrease the country’s gray economy, and at the same time empower women and weaker segments of the Tunisian population.


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