Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission Outlines Decades of Abuse

Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission made public, on March 26, 2019, its five-volume report analyzing and exposing the institutional networks that enabled human rights abuses over five decades, Human Rights Watch said.

The commission outlined the role of former presidents and other top officials in the torture, arbitrary detention, and numerous other abuses of thousands of Tunisians.

The commission documented abuses not only against political opponents but against their families, including sexual assaults of the wives and daughters of opposition members.

“The real test of Tunisia’s willingness to confront its abusive past lies in the authorities’ actions to prosecute those implicated in abuses based on the commission’s evidence and to reform its judiciary and security services,” said Amna Guellali Tunisia director at Human Rights Watch. “The world will be watching to see if the authorities, who obstructed the commission’s work, will now make good on their promise to carry out its recommendations.”

The government of Tunisia should act quickly to carry out the commission’s recommendations to ensure that those responsible for gross human rights abuses in the country are prosecuted, Human Rights Watch said.


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