Tunisia world’s leading country in terms of organic groves

Tunisia is number 1 in terms of organic olive-growing areas and is the pioneer in Africa in organic products.

Being the leading exporter of organic products in Africa and the leading exporter of dates in the world, Tunisia is the champion in terms of surface area, with 306,000 hectares devoted to organic agriculture.

Minister of Agriculture Samir taïb said, during a debate on the theme ” organic market in Switzerland and Europe and the Tunisian potential”, held in Tunis, that Tunisia is the first African and Arab country to have put in place specific regulations for organic agriculture since 1999. It is also the 1st African country in terms of organic agricultural land and 23rd in the world out of 181 countries practising organic farming. It is also the world’s leading country in terms of organic olive-growing areas.

He also stated that “Tunisia is also the only African and Arab country that has benefited from the recognition of equivalence with the European Union for the export of organic products since 2009.

Among a wide range of products: between honey, cereals, only olive oil and dates are practically exported.  Hence a marketing effort is needed to improve Tunisia’s positioning on the global organic market.


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