Olive Tree Day decreed by UNESCO thanks to Tunisia and Lebanon

At its 206th session on April 16, 2019, the Executive Board of UNESCO adopted resolution 206/EX41 declaring November 26 as World Olive Tree Day.

This resolution was introduced by the delegations of Lebanon and Tunisia to UNESCO, demonstrating the age of this tree, which is said to date back about 11,000 years. The Olive tree is the symbol of strength, fertility, wealth, peace,… but also an agent in the fight against global warming, pollution, desertification and erosion.

Adopted unanimously after having been sponsored by 47 States, the resolution will be confirmed by a vote at the UNESCO General Conference next autumn.

This initiative is the result of the International Olive Oil Council at the request of Lebanon and Tunisia. November 26 was already the date set and celebrated by this Council.

Speaking after the adoption of the resolution before the Executive Board of UNESCO, the Lebanese Ambassador Sahar Baassiri recalled the historical, mythological and symbolic significance of the olive tree.

Tunisian Ambassador to UNESCO Ghazi Gherairi commended the delegates who took part in the vote for having consecrated the Olive tree: “A symbol of peace between men and a symbol of human activity in peace with nature”.


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