Mediterravenir organizes cross-border meeting on April 27-28, 2019 in El Kef

The Mediterravenir association will organize in partnership with The Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom (German: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, FNF) a cross-border meeting on April 27-28, 2019, in El Kef.

Participants in the meeting are from the south and north of Tunisia in addition to participants from Algeria (Souk Ahras and other border regions.

The cross-border meetings of the Mediterravenir association aim to train, promote exchanges and open up opportunities for joint projects and markets as part of a global strategy integrating the prevention of radicalisation and the fight against irregular migration.

The objective is also to consecrate among young people in North Africa the hope in their respective countries, said President of the association Fatima Zohra Melki Ben Soltane in the Facebook page of the association.

She noted that the event of the association is organized for the benefit of graduates with projects and from the border regions of Tunisia and Algeria.
She also said that the association promotes “an inter-generational dialogue between the shores of the Mediterranean to promote our Mediterranean”.

Created in 2012 in Tunisia, Mediterravenir acts to promote and strengthen South-North dialogue between individuals and institutions in the Mediterranean basin on the cultural, social, geopolitical and economic levels. It is a set of non-political associative structures that develops a concept and approach for the promotion, by civil society, of South-South-North dialogue and partnerships.

Mediterravenir works mainly on civil rights and political life, education and vocational training at the Euro-Mediterranean level. Its target groups are women entrepreneurs, employed women and young people.

Besides, Mediterravenir has more than 10 years of specific work experience in gender equality.
The association’s headquarters are located in Tunisia, at the École supérieure des nouvelles technologies des informations Esprit.



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