Sidi Bouzid : Sebbala district calamity, Tunisia mourns “Nos Dames de Tunisie”

Not a week elapses without another disaster reminding the local people and the villagers of the sad fate that beset them.

Several farm worker women, being transported to work on a farm in the back of a pickup, were killed when it collided with a minivan carrying poultry in the central region of Sidi Bouzid, last Saturday at dawn.

The deaths triggered an outcry on social media, with users accusing farm owners of mistreating their low-paid, mainly female workforce.

The obsolescence and precariousness of our legal, and illegal public transport are real proof causing the daily suffering endured more particularly by workers and peasants in disadvantaged regions, particularly in rural areas.

However, politicians are constantly promising and planning the most impressive megaprojects, the most breathtaking modernizations, the most mobilizing systematizations, as part of an inescapable dynamic that the revolution would have promised its citizens under all conditions.

But if we except the real megaproject of the Tunis Fast Rail Network (RFR), no reforms and nothing that reassures to find a radical solution for the sector.

Let us then stop whining and crocodile tears in the face of these lost human lives, let us stop these debates on lamentation in the various national media, let us put promises and bragging rights in place until consciences are actually awakened.


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