Tunisia first in Africa for protection of children’s rights

The latest report ”The KidsRights Index 2019”, drafted by international children’s rights organization ”KidsRights Foundation”, reveals that Tunisia is 15th in a ranking of countries worldwide for the preservation of the rights of minors.

The ranking is based on five criteria: the right to life, health, education, protection and environment in favour of children’s rights. With an overall score of 0,879, Tunisia ranked first among African and Mena countries ahead of developed nations like Norway, Canada, Japan, Spain and Italy (74th).

Among Maghreb countries, Algeria ranked 64th, followed by Libya (73rd) and Morocco (75th) out of a total of 181 countries.

As far as other Arab countries are concerned, Qatar was 30th, followed by Egypt in 36th position, Jordan (56th), the United Arab Emirates (68th), while Saudi Arabia was 156th.

European countries dominated in the top 10 positions. Iceland ranked at the top with Portugal and Switzerland while Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Chad are improving.

”With the 14th and 15th positions, Thailand and Tunisia obtained relatively good results in terms of children’s rights in relation to their economic status”, the report added, stressing that ”these countries have been particularly effective in the creation of a favourable environment for children’s rights”.


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