4th edition of SITIC Africa 2019 technology fair in Tunis

The fourth edition of the SITIC Africa information technology and communications trade fair is due to be held on June 18-20 in Tunis.

The fair’s key objective is to enhance knowledge of African IT and communications technology (ITC) in various economic sectors including agriculture, industry and services.

It also targets Western businesses interested in partnerships in Tunisia and other countries in Africa.

The trade fair includes B2B meetings, forums, and workshops, as well as a technological expo of Tunisian businesses to present their innovative applications and solutions as well as an area for international exhibitors with a view to triangular Tunisian-European-African cooperation.

According to the Tunisian Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (API), SITIC Africa 2019 is a “true international business platform in the digital field that offers opportunities to learn about Tunisian, African, and Western ITC offerings”.

New at this year’s fair is “the openness to anglophone Africa and the strong presence of developed countries”, organisers said. Delegations from Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy have already been confirmed for the trade fair.

The fair will also include the second edition of the international forum “E-Health in Africa, Transforming Digital Economic Health” in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Health and the national health federation of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA).


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