Digital rights experts, policymakers head to Tunisia for RightsCon 2019

Business leaders, policymakers, politicians, and human rights activists will converge in Tunisia for the 2019 edition of the RightsCon, a global event on human rights in the digital era, Business Insider reports.

The 8th edition scheduled from June 11 to 14 will hold at the Laico Hotel and the Palais des Congrès, in Tunis, Tunisia capital city.

The 2019 edition is the first in the Middle East & Africa region and will feature discussion around AI and Automation, Data Trust and Protection, Tech for the public good, Privacy and Surveillance security, Cybercrime and encryption, online harassment, hate speech, and violent extremism, the same source said.

Tech giants and organisations working around the internet will make headlines at the event. Some of them include Google, MicrosoftMozilla CorporationTwitterPrivate Internet AccessFacebookOpen Society Foundations, Vodafone, Ford FoundationHumanity UnitedInternet SocietyParadigm Initiative and others.


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