12.8% increase in Tourist arrivals rise until August 10 (Official)

Tourist arrivals in Tunisia registered a 12.8% rise until August 10, compared to the same period last year to 5.438 million tourists, statistics provided by the Ministry of Tourism revealed Tuesday.

The jump is mainly the result of the recovery of European markets (up 18.8%, until the end of July), in particular, the British market (+110.3%), French (+18%), German (+ 6%) and Russian (+ 0.9%).

Besides, the Maghreb tourists visits to Tunisia during the same period leaped 12.4%, compared to the previous year. The Algerian and Libyan markets reached 15% and 26.3% increase, respectively.

The tourism receipts edged up 44.2%, until August 10, compared to the same period last year, to 3.16 million dinars. Until the end of July 2019, the overnight stays grew by 13.3%.

As of July 31, 2018, the Yasmine Hammamet region is leading in overall overnight stays with an increase of 20.5%, followed by the Monastir-Skanes region (+ 19.6%) , Sousse (16.2%), Tunis-Côtes de Carthage (14.6%), Nabeul-Hammamet (+ 11.7%) and Djerba-Zarzis up 5.9%, compared to the same period of 2018 .


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