Saudi Arabia ranks first in hiring Tunisian skills

The Tunisian Technical Cooperation Agency (ATCT) said in a report that the Tunisian skills recruited registered an 18% increase with an overall number of the skills hired of 1,337 against 1,125 during the same period of the previous year. Saudi Arabia ranked first which exceeded the European Union and the Arab eastern countries.

The education sector occupied the largest share in terms of recruitments, with the hiring of 476 educational executives, equivalent to 36% of the total recruitment, followed by the health sector with 310 recruited and engineering with 176 recruited and management with 162 recruited.

The share of the Saudi Kingdom of the contract reached 339 executives in various sectors.

The Tunisian-Saudi mutual relations have remarkably improved in all sectors.  This cooperation which is materialized on the field is the result of the key effort exerted by Saudi ambassador Mohamed  Bin Mahmoud Al Ali who constantly emphasizes in his statements to media, the importance of partnership between the two countries and the firm position of Saudi Arabia to support the relations that he described as distinctive between Tunis and Riyadh, especially after King Salman bin Abdul Aziz’s visit to Tunisia during the Arab Summit.

The latter is of outstanding importance in strengthening the bonds of fraternity and cooperation in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the two peoples and support the march of Tunisia and its stability, which are the orientations of leadership in both countries.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Translated by NejiMed from an article of Bassem Ouda, journalist and analyst)

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