TASDIR+, Carthage Business Angels launch cross-border operation to support Tunisian startups overseas

The TASDIR+ and Carthage Business Angels are launching a cross-border operation to support Tunisian startups overseas, which is due to be initiated as of September 2019, the Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX) said on Wednesday.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at 2,727,500 million dinars. The TASDIR+ funds will repay up to 70% of the costs incurred by the project holder.

This “StartUp Overseas” project aims to position the Tunisian innovative and high-potential startups in the international markets.

Relying on innovation for a sustainable and high-added-value export, the TASDIR+ funds created a collaboration framework with the Carthage Business Angels for a broad support operation of Tunisian startups overseas, the CEPEX said.

The deadline for submitting the files for this major project is set for September 22. This project seeks to help the startups expand, establish contacts with investors, partners or buyers overseas and through new international markets.

The “StartUP Overseas” operation will include promotional actions including the participation in 6 international startups exhibitions in Paris, Hanover, Tokyo, New York and international conferences (on investment, water, bio, etc.) and in the “Invest in Tunisian Startup, Invest in Africa conference” in Tunisia.

The Carthage Business Angels which is a non-profit organisation is the first network of angel investors in Tunisia that invest in an enterprise in its first development stage.


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