Jendouba: Agreement on empowerment of local society signed

A partnership agreement was signed on Thursday between the governorate of Jendouba and USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

This agreement concerns the “Maan” programme (Tunisia Resilience and Community Empowerment) which will be implemented over 5 years in 15 governorates, with a budget of 147 million dinars (49.6 million dollars).

The “Maan” programme aims to strengthen the empowerment of local society to help it meet political and socio-economic challenges.

Chokri Terzi, Adviser to the Prime Minister in charge of youth, said that 60 young people from Fernana and Ghardimaou, in the governorate of Jendouba, will benefit from the programme in order to help them become effective actors in public life.

Ali Marmouri, Governor of the region, spoke of the need to listen to young people and involve them in programme design.

Emna Gaies, Director of the USAID office in El Kef, pointed out that the “Maan” project aims to involve the public and private sectors in empowering society at the local and regional level.


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