Testour Pomegranate Festival offers economic dynamics for local craftsmen and women

The city of Testour organized the Pomegranate Festival from October 24 to 27,  2019 an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful fruit in different ways and to participate in several cultural activities” with the slogan “Rommene Testour Mezyen we Melyen”.

More than 30 thousand visitors from all over Tunisia took part in the 4th edition of the Testour Festival in the Beja Governorate which has created an economic dynamic, offering 70 craftsmen and women to promote their local products.

This 4th edition was marked by the launch of a web site to market and promote grenades and their derivatives.

Several scientific and cultural events were organized on the fringes of the festival, including a folk equestrian show, a Chiraz Jaziri music concert and a Sufi music show “Hadhra”.

The city of Testour produces 80% of the Beja pomegranate harvest each year, which is classified as the 3rd largest Tunisian city producing this fruit.



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