Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis Campus clean-up campaign for cleaner environment

The Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis is a movement that strives to achieve social change and ensure a better life for the citizen in a clean environment.  The adventure of Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis just started in a pledge for sound and healthy environment for all the people nationwide and worldwide. And here the dream started to come true when Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis members took the initiative for cleanliness campaign last Sunday, November 17, an initiative that is one of the Hult Prize movement’s principle to build together a better future.

The ” Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis successfully held its first clean-up campaign that was led by its prominent and enthusiastic members. The members of Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis are aware to uphold environmental fundamental rights and freedoms which guarantee that every citizen of Tunisia has the right to an environment that is not harmful to his health.

Last Sunday, November 17, the Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis were willing to engage in clean up activities in the areas of Sidi Bousaid (Northern coastal suburb of Tunis capital ) as a contribution to the effort of cleaning the environment.

The environmental campaigners of Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis emphasized the need for an effort to achieve an environmental conservation and awareness drives in the Sidi Bousaid neighbourhood and all areas that need such an urgent campaign.

Under their guidance, the  Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis members followed a comprehensive waste management guidelines that ensure that waste is segregated so as to be recycled.

This is a good gesture of the Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis for the exercise of this experience which promotes integration and sheds light on the necessity for a safe and clean environment for all.

On this occasion, an overwhelming number of the Sidi Bousaid locals came out to show their undying support for the cause by contributing to the environmental clean-up campaign.

“Alongside our competing teams, we wanted to give back to our planet by collecting waste off the streets and freeing nature from this poisonous monster.  We have collected and sorted plastic waste properly”, Beya Jlassi member and Marketing Assistant of the Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis told TunisianMonitorOnline.

“To highlight how much this issue is important to all of us, Tunisians, even Sidi Bousaid locals appreciated our initiative and participated in our campaign by helping us collect more plastic waste”, she went on saying.

The Tunisian economy is losing about $ 20 million a year due to plastic pollution, according to a recent report from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) entitled “Stop the Flood of Plastic”. This waste mainly affects the tourism, shipping and fishing sectors.

Tunisia leaks 0.08 MT (millions of tonnes) of plastic waste into nature, accounting for 20% of all plastic waste disposed of in the Mediterranean.

Although its plastic products industry is small compared to other Mediterranean countries, Tunisia is the fourth largest consumer of plastic products per capita in the region.


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