Tunisian Wassim Dhaouadi solves 100-year-old physics mystery

Tunisian Wassim Dhaouadi, a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne ( EPFL) has solved a 100-year-old physics mystery.

Wassim Dhaouadi is a student at the Laboratory of Mechanics of Flexible Interfaces. He solved a physical puzzle that baffled scientists for 100 years.

As a result, solving a 100-year-old physics problem is a challenge that a young Tunisian genius, Wassim Dhaouadi, successfully met. This shows that Tunisian expertise is constantly spreading throughout the world.

His research reveals the mechanisms at work when a gas bubble remains stuck to the walls of a narrow vertical tube. The young Tunisian researcher was able to experimentally measure the presence of an ultra-fine liquid film between the bubble and the edge of the tube. His study shows that the bubble is not stuck, but that it evolves extraordinarily slowly. “,” says an article published on the EPFL official website.

In addition, the Swiss Embassy in Tunisia welcomed this achievement while specifying that Wassim Dhaouadi is the winner of the Best Average Award for all sections combined for his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at EPFL.


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