Future Lab Tunisia to build premises in Ibn Khaldoun middle school in Manouba

Credit goes to Facebook Page Future Lab Tunisia

Future Lab Tunisia of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation has laid on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, the foundation stone for the construction of premises in Ibn Khadoun middle school in Boustile neighbourhood in Manouba.

This initiative which is specially dedicated to anchoring the educational and cultural project in its school environment and in the neighbourhood where it has been operating for more than two years is part of the  Tunisian-German project led by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation and the Zukunftslabor in Bremen with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tunisian Ministry of Education.

These premises whose cost is estimated at 400 thousand dinars include a large rehearsal and concert hall as well as its outbuildings which will host the rehearsals of the Tunisian National Orchestra and the instrumental and singing workshops.

Credit goes to Facebook Page Future Lab Tunisia

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the Future Lab premises was marked by some musical performances by the students of Future Lab Tunisia with the accompaniment of the musicians of the Tunisian National Orchestra conducted by Mohamed Lassoued.

Many Tunisian and foreign personalities attended the ceremony namely President of the Bremen State Parliament Frank Imhoff, Deputy Ambassador of Germany in Tunis Carsten Meyer-Wiefhausen, Governor of Manouba Raja Trabelsi, President of Kamel Lazaar Foundation Kamel Lazaar and Albert Schmitt General Director of the German Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Bremen.

Credit goes to Facebook Page Future Lab Tunisia

President of Kamel Lazaar Foundation Kamel Lazaar said that this project consists of a space of workshop for musical performances in which all the necessary furniture and equipment are available in order to help achieve the goals of the Future Lab.

This project will enable students to participate in the orchestra of the Future Lab through various music and singing workshops. It also provides the opportunity for the students to go through sustainable arts education programs that build bridges between professional orchestras and educational institutions, he said.

Credit goes to Facebook Page Future Lab Tunisia

Kamel Lazaar also indicated that the project is considered as one of the important cultural achievements aimed at supporting cultural activities within educational institutions.

The Future Lab” project in Tunisia, which is a cultural educational project based on the installation of a professional orchestra supporting the capabilities of young people between 12 and 18 years of age by means of facilitating their integration into society.


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