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Writup is a freelance content writing platform that connects those who need content and make the most of the performance of skilled writers.

It is a freelance platform of content writing that aims to make a link between those who need writing contents and skilled writers.

The services of the writup include writing, translation, reformulation and correction in three languages namely Arabic, French and English.

The Writup platform makes looking for high-quality content easier for companies. These contents are the product of skilled writers who master writing of contents. The platform also provides opportunities for the content writers to earn money through their skills.

Twenty-three-year-old Mohamed Islem Ounalli who is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Writups said that many people have the writing skills, and do not know how to make the most of their skills.

“So I have the idea to gather all these skills in one platform “Writup”, so that they are connected to companies who need these writing skills and content writing services” Ounelli indicated proudly.

Mohamed Islem Ounalli is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing in the Tunis ISG institute and then snatched his master’s degree in digital marketing. It is a combination of social media and the digital, he noted.

In an interview with TunisianMonitorOnline, Writup CEO said that  Digital marketing is not only a higher study for him but it is also a kind of fondness and admiration for this area.

“I was very active in marketing media clubs in Tunisia”, Mohamed Islem Ounalli told TunisianMonitorOnline. “Since the early days of my studies at the university I have created a blog for writing,” he said, underlining that the aim of the blog is not only for writing but my objective was to make a personal branding for me, make myself as well as my activities known among the young communities, the startups, companies and also writers.

In this blog I share articles in digital marketing, with tips to the readers, about the good practices, and answering questions through articles, he went on saying.

“My blog was appreciated by some people and sometimes I got an order on writing on a particular subject for people who have a new website and want content”, Writup founder said.

“I write in the blog and at the same time I receive orders for writing contents on some subjects, which has become a usual activity that people asked me for, he added.

Since then, I got the idea to launch this startup called Writup by providing the opportunity for other freelancers to write contents and earn money, Ounalli noted.

In this connection, Mohamed Islem Ounalli talked about the writing techniques for the web. “Today, Google classifies first your works in the search engine, only if you have good content with keywords, i.e. an optimized article,” he explained.

“So I made the most of two opportunities, the companies who need or request contents for their websites or social media pages, on the one hand, and there are lots of people who have writing skills with a training in the web writing skills, and do not have an idea how to use it, so they have good opportunities in the Writup platform on the other hand,” the Writup founder said.

Answering a question of TunisianMonitorOnline about the profitability of this startup, Ounelli said there are demands from both sides, which made it a success even though it is at the beginning of its launch.

“The development agencies are aware of the importance of writing and content because they know if you have good content, you will have lots of visitors and so you sell more products…”, he indicated.

Besides, Writup CEO said that the writers are students, who are aware of the importance of content writing so they seize this opportunity to earn their daily living, and there are people who work and go through the writing experience to earn additional money and improve their living conditions.

What is web writing?

There is a difference between classical writing and web writing, Ounelli said.

Classical writing is the writing of literature books, stories, press report and so on, while web writing has two stakes:

-How to attract internet users to read your content, because writing online is not the same as writing on paper, it must be concise and rich in content, and you must try to make the website reader interested in reading the content.

-Another technique is how to optimize your article for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bin…, he said.

Ounalli explained that these research engines ignore duplicated content, so you need to write not too short, avoiding plagiarism.  A web writer needs to make his content readable by the internet users and at the same time optimized for the research engine with special techniques like keywords in titles and in first paragraph.

Additionally, Ounalli said that the web content writer can also use the inverted-pyramid. In an example he cited, he said that the introduction of a particular topic can include subtitles that mention tips for the reader.

There must be the core and the essential or key facts in the introduction then you go into details, he explained.

Then, the call to action comes at the end, like “in order to buy the product, download a document, you put your mail for having more information, click on this link to learn more” and so on…., he added.

Finally, the web writer must not forget about the pagination, titles and subtitle or listing and boldface of the word, Mohamed Islem Ounalli CEO of Writup concluded.


TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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