ARVEA CEO and Founder takes part in conference on Franchising and MLM, why not you? as part of Riyeda

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ARVEA is the first Arab and Tunisian Direct Sales Brand

A conference was held on Wednesday in the Tunis Culture City as part the 7th edition of the “Riyeda” Entrepreneurship fair (February 12-13) on the theme: Franchising and MLM, why not you?

Moderator Wassim Ben Larbi from Express FM conducted the debate to which took part Sadok LARIBI, Founder and CEO of ARVEA, Tarek Thabet, Regional Director RE/MAX Tunis, Fréderic Morlier, Chairman Founder / CEO PANO Group, Hocine SOUFI, Director of Operations Forever Living Products Tunisia, and Basma Ben Njima Deputy Managing Director Farmasi Tunisia.

During the debate CEO and Founder of ARVEA Sadok Laribi said that his company is the first Arab and Tunisian Direct Sales Brand.

He said that it is based on recommendations and these recommendations are paid, underlining that Multilevel marketing (MLM), or network marketing, is a system of direct selling that relies on networks of independent distributors, usually private individuals, to reach customers by word-of-mouth.

The MLM job is the job which makes you dream, ARVEA CEO and founder said, noting that the statistics are good support for this.

“As an expert in MLM, I feel the responsibility to make the MLM job better known” he added.

Answering a question of conference Moderator Wassim Belarbi, Sadok Laribi said that the ARVEA Company members are independent distributors to whom we offer a business opportunity. They make the most of codes to buy ARVEA products and sell them later.

However, they need to form teams so as to ensure that it is a business opportunity which is unique, he said, noting that joining the ARVEA company does not require a diploma or special qualification.

Besides, ARVEA CEO said that it is true that this job is known and well spread among women, but after it became generalized to young men and now as it becomes a business opportunity, there is a need to teach this job to ensure its success and sustainability.

ARVEA Founder said that there are a lot of distributors in Tunisia and many people who know the MLM voice readiness to share the experience of business opportunity, however, the success rate is weak. For instance, he continued, there are nearly 200,000 distributors, it is normal that those who are active are about 15% and those who earn a lot of money with an average wage of 20,000 or 15, 000 dinars are not numerous. There are also those who earn 1,000 or 5, 000 dinars which is a respectable salary and they are a few hundreds.

“This is what explains that some quits the job and say that this job is made for the others”, he underlined. It is normal that the 200,000 ARVEA members can not all succeed in achieving their objectives so there is breakage rate, he explained.

The difference with ARVEA is that the company must accompany the newly recruited members and train them, Sadok Laribi indicated noting that they have to make sure that themselves who are entitled in turn to make the training for the recruited members.

ARVEA CEO concluded by saying that in the world, the MLM is attacked because it is not a classical job and there are not many companies that work in this field. “So it is normal when there is a fraud, we blame the MLM,” he said, pointing out that there is no job in the world that has no fraud. But when it exists in an unknown and new job, we blame it.

“It is very easy for you to make the difference if a system is good or not”, he addressed the attendees of the conference.

In this connection, Sadok Laribi explained that there are two key pillars; the first one is the marketing plan that must ensure that even a new member can succeed and reach the top in the company and even leaving his recruiter behind.

The second pillar requires that there must be a real product with a reasonable price, ARVEA CEO said, specifying that because there are lots of frauds made like the example of recruitment or inscription in a company that has no product…  So it is easy to make fraud in this case. Another fact lies that sometimes we make a product but with a very exaggerated price which is not something normal.

ARVEA is the first Arab and Tunisian Direct Sales Brand

ARVEA gives a source of income to tens of thousands of people who earn money from the sale of ARVEA products and the animation of the sales teams.

ARVEA OFFERS its customers a hundred products in natural cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and Food Supplements.

The first Added Value that ARVEA offers is the choice of products that meet the real needs of the market as all products are the result of listening to the market.

The second Added Value is the High Quality of the products offered and the clear differentiation of the products (Investing in High Quality is a strategic choice of ARVEA which guides all decisions concerning the choice of ingredients, the percentage of ingredients and the choice of packaging). The Product is the basis of a brand’s success and ARVEA has focused on High Quality from the outset.

ARVEA’s direct customers are sales advisors (independent distributors) who are responsible for distributing and promoting the brand in return for discounts on their sales and incentives for their teams.

ARVEA in collaboration with Laboratories in Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan and soon other countries is always looking for innovation and added value in its products.

ARVEA Nature products are products containing natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. Argan oil + Aloe vera: The miracle recipe of ARVEA. What gives the originality to ARVEA products is also the guarantee of respect for the environment for natural beauty, effective and quality.

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