Wassim Gharbi: Inspirational amazing career on the path of science in Google

Designer, Software Engineer, Computer Vision and HCI researcher studying Computer Science at Lafayette College

“Full-stack Software Engineer and Project Manager with experience in web development and design and Computer vision research, Java software engineering and mobile development. Always eager to learn and excited to embark on new projects. Interested in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design (Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping, Leap Motion), Computer Vision, Machine Learning and product development”, Wassim Gharbi presents himself in his LinkedIn account.

I hesitated before I started writing this success story of one Tunisian student in the United States. I wondered if I can shed the necessary light on all his great successes, despite his young age.

Ultimately, I took the decision to share and disseminate the story of 24-year-old Wassim Gharbi who had an exceptional and honoured study path in the prestigious institute Lafayette College as well as a professional career in the top Tech companies in the world (Google). The objective is that such a story is a beacon of light for all, especially the young generation who deserve this kind of story that fuels their desire for science, encourages and motivates them.

Wassim Gharbi known by his studiousness and his conscientiousness, left his country at an early age to study within the prestigious institute Lafayette College in Pennsylvania after he obtained his high school mathematics baccalauréat from “Lycée Pilote Bourguiba” in Tunis.

Since he has joined the Lafayette College, he made it clear for himself that from this moment, there was no turning back, challenges and dreams were huge and with diligence and perseverance, he could embrace the distinguished success and overcome the incredible obstacles that he faced in his new experience. He worked hard with courage in the field of computer science which passionate him since his childhood.

After years of hard work, Wassim graduated with honours from this institute with a degree in computer science. During his undergraduate career, he worked on several research projects, participated in clubs and hackathon competitions…at Brown; Pen and NYU…So he won with his team the first prize in the business plan competition at lafayette’s Dyer Center for innovation and Entrepreneurship (formerly IDEAL).

He was determined to continue the successful scientific path and to be more active.

In an honest recognition, the computer science major said one day after he was graduated ‘’without Amideast and Diana Kamel Scholarship Search Fund Program (DKSSF), I wouldn’t have been able to pursue the education I needed and wouldn’t have been able to work at one of the top tech companies in the world’’ as a Software Engineer, and currently working on Google Docs.

He remains grateful to this scholarship which put him in laboratories of Lafayette College that give him the potential for researching and inventing.

He had the opportunity to work within Google as a means for people to achieve their amazing dreams, he started a new career. After he worked as part of Google Search’s AMP team to create new media consumption experiences, he is working full time, in addition to another experience in the ”LEAD ENGINEER and UX DESIGNER” that enhance his experience on the track of research.

Within this new Advanced scientific atmosphere, Wassim raised his volunteer culture experience and it is enough to follow his experience in the fields of education volunteer for preparing Malagasy and Poland students for applying to US colleges, volunteer workshop Teacher, community managers, volunteer, Event Manager, Community manager (L’egalite a Tunisian non- profit organization fights for gender equality).

Now, Wassim aspires to help his country through his interesting International position. He hopes one day to work with high school counsellors in Tunisia and teach how to prepare students for college and exchange opportunities.

In this context, it is more important to find mutual common ground for cooperation with him, he can help Tunisian ministries (Higher Ministry of education or others), known organizations or university communities …

We do believe that Wassim Gharbi as a wonderful example can be more beneficial as a counsellor or adviser. He can provide scientific and practical skills and knowledge.

It is an honour that Wassim is part of this World Institute (Google) that his main mission to (organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful). He is thankful for this wonderful experience and he is eager to pursue his passion.

In fact, this story is an exceptional experience that teaches us that nothing is impossible and it gives the Tunisian new generation the model of perseverance and assiduity, which are the key underpinning of all success and creativity.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Berhouma)

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