Inflation slips into 5.8% in February 2020

The inflation rate slipped into 5.8% in February 2020 as it was standing in January at 5.9% and 6.1% in December, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) published these data on Thursday.

The ongoing slowing down in the pace of increase of food prices (3.7% against 4.4% last month and 5.8% the month before), is the origin of this fall the INS said.

In another connection, the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) revealed that the gross domestic product (GDP) in Tunisia fell to 1% in 2019, in comparison to 2,7% in 2018. Rail transport of raw phosphate to the Chemical Group’s plants increased by 17.4% in 2019. Phosphate production increased by 46.6% compared to 2018. The export volumes of mechanical, electrical, textile, and leather industries fell by 2.4% and 6.0% respectively over the year 2019.

Tunisia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate fell from 2.7% in 2018 to 1% in 2019, announced the officials of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT).

“This was mainly due to the underperformance of manufacturing and energy industries, which was partly offset by positive developments in market services and in agriculture and fisheries,” explained the bank.


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