ESSECT’s Mohamed Ghayadhi selected HULT PRIZE TOP 20 Campus Director Globally for 2019-2020

“HultPrize Essect was selected in the top 20 of the best On Campus Program all over the World. Proud of all the team. You deserve it,” Mohamed Ghayadi.

Thank you for the administrative and teaching staff of Essect, Our sponsors: Amen Bank, MS solutions group, SFBT, Chicken House and Daily, and all participants from the Entrepreneurship ecosystem,” Mohamed Ghayadi.

Campus Director at Hult Prize “Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales Tunis (ESSECT) Mohamed Ghayadhi is selected a HULT PRIZE TOP 20 Campus Director Globally for 2019-2020.

Mohamed Ghayadhi the Campus Director of Hult Prize at ESSEC Tunis succeeded to lead his team to reach the top 20 Oncampus program globally”

In an interview with TunisianMonitorOnline, Mohamed Ghayadhi revealed the keys of a successful path to reach this level of HULT PRIZE TOP 20 Campus Director Globally for 2019-2020.

Who is Mohamed Ghayadhi?

My name’s Mohamed Ghayadhi I’m 22 years old I’m from a small and beautiful country “Tunisia” located in North Africa, I’m a third-year international business student and also I’m the “Campus Director” of the Hult Prize in my university (ESSEC Tunis), and that’s what makes me today share with you my story…

What is the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize was established by Bertil Hult and is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education. The Hult family – founders of EF Education First – donates USD 1 million in seed capital to help the winning team launch a social enterprise. He mentioned it in a 2012 TIME Magazine article about “the top 5 ideas that are changing the world for the better”. The Hult Prize has been referred to as the “Nobel Prize for students” by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus. Today, the Hult Prize is one of the world’s most acclaimed entrepreneurship programs operating on more than 1,500 university campuses in 121 countries and has become a benchmark startup challenge for social entrepreneurship.

How did you start your journey with the Hult Prize movement?

In fact, I started my journey with Hult prize movement 3 years ago in 2017, when I was a freshman student I participated with my team in the first edition of Hult Prize On-campus program in my university ( is the first stage in the competition, it’s a local selection) and we won the local competition and after that, we represented our country and our university in the regional summit of London. With more than 300 students from all the globe, despite the result and despite that, we didn’t qualified to the final in New York, but it was the greatest experience in my whole life, and for that when I’m back to Tunisia I decided to participate in the second edition and back to London and win because I believe that our project can help a lot of people and make their life better…

Did you face any challenges?

Yes, there was an unpleasant surprise waiting…

When we returned to Tunisia, I discovered that the competition no longer existed in our university, so I decided to jump on board and took responsibility for organizing the competition and becoming the Campus Director of the competition in my university, and part in Hult Prize foundation to give the chance to other students to live the experience…

As Campus Director, I have been selected to train, educate and inspire students by building an impact community around On Campus activities. On-Campus Programs that fulfil all requirements will have their winning team advance directly to one of our Regional Summits around the world in March 2020. As Campus Director I had worked more than 5 months with my academic institution, students, and members of our community to spread awareness of the Hult Prize 2020 Challenge and promote social entrepreneurship as a sustainable means to solve it.

What was the fruit of all this perseverance?

After all this hard work, the dream came back true, as a campus director I got selected out of more than 1500 Campus Directors globally as one of the Top 20 Campus Director. It was the fruit of long working hours that my team and I went through to make to the top 20 campus programs.

Can you give more details about the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize community made up of more than 30,000 coaches and mentors help, train and guide students along the journey of impact entrepreneurship which are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Regional Summits and Forums are hosted across +30 international cities, while thousands of demo-days and pitch programs organized throughout the year.  Wrapping with the Annual Global Summit and Awards Gala hosted at the United Nations, including its flagship US$1,000,000 award for social entrepreneurship the largest amount of youth in your university and community.

The foundation runs six key programs, all revolving around the training of youth to impact.

Hult Prize On Campus gives students an opportunity to host local Hult Prize programs on their university campus, including an On-Campus final round which allows the winning team to bypass the traditional application process and fast track their idea through one of +30 Regional Final rounds of competition. The program allows more students to compete around the world, leading to more ideas and ultimately more start-ups, each poised for radical impact.

Hult Prize Regionals are hosted in +30 different cities, representing all the geographic regions of the world. They provide students from around the world an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas, learn from their peers and be inspired by a generation of young people who are committed to changing the world through business. The very best startups represented at each program will win a spot in the world’s largest Global Accelerator.

The Hult Prize Accelerator Program is a cutting-edge, six-week program that runs every summer at Hult International Business School. The participants are provided with living and working spaces, along with the opportunity to home their business skills, network with business and academic leaders, register their entities and prepare for launch – through varied retribution of classes, speakers, workshops, pitches, and multidisciplinary expert coaches and mentors who guide the startups through some of their most critical inputs.

The Campus Director will be responsible for:

-Organizing a local Hult Prize competition at their university with a wide degree of flexibility and support from the Hult Prize Foundation. The primary responsibilities are simple and include (but are not limited to):

-Promoting as a Campus Director, you are responsible for promoting the different programs and activities you organize, as well as social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

– Organizing: Your role is to implement a successful program. You can work on building different activities around the program for all of your university students.

– Training: Provide different stakeholders (Organizing Committee, Judges, Competitors) with the information and tools they need to make the most out of their Hult Prize experience.

-Reporting: Communicate effectively with the Hult Prize Global Team before, during and after your program.

-Recruiting will play a key role in the success of every Hult Prize On-Campus Program. You will be responsible for engaging different stakeholders including an Organizing Committee, Judges, and Competitors minimum criteria:  A minimum of 15 teams are required to compete in your event in order for it to be considered an official On-Campus Program, at least 3 judges to select the winner.


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