Tunisian land border with Libya closed says Transport Minister

The Tunisian land border with Libya has been closed due to the COVID19, Transport Minister Anouar Maarouf said on Monday.

Besides, he inspected Monday morning the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the metro stations and Tunis marine TGM trains station.

Tunisia, which has confirmed 20 cases of the coronavirus, has imposed restrictions on flights with some European countries and stopped sea travel.

Last Saturday, Anouar Maarouf said at a press conference necessary measures will be taken to repatriate Tunisian nationals stranded abroad.

The number of Tunisians stranded in Italy is 160, he underscored, adding that those who will be evacuated will be quarantined for 14 days.

As for foreigners living in Tunisia, their repatriation will be coordinated with their respective countries, Maarouf indicated.

The Tunisian government suspended all flights and cruises to Italy while keeping a daily flight to France (Paris) and weekly flights to Spain (Madrid), the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt) and Egypt (Cairo).

Medical teams will be dispatched along border crossings, the Secretary of State said.

Regarding crossings and cargo transportation flights, Maarouf stressed that firm measures have been taken to prohibit crews from leaving their ships while checking their health.


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