EU supports health sector in Tunisia

The EU supports the health sector in Tunisia in 13 governorates, mainly in first-line health service structures, thanks to the “Essaha Aziza” programme with a budget of €20 million. This programme will help support the Health Ministry in its national efforts of prevention and response to COVID19, EU NEIGHBOURS reports.

Training has been held to all emergency services staff of the 13 governorates, mainly in local hospitals, since November 2019. Other training started in December 2019 and concerned care hygiene in hospitals, including handwashing, the same source said.

Work has been done since January 2020 for a better health care organization and resource optimization among governorates as well as the improvement of the patients’ journey in public and private healthcare structures.

Prevention and health promotion actions were carried out with the civil society in the 13 governorates. New equipment for emergency services, such as ambulances, will be bought and delivered this year, with the aim to extend this support to all the governorates.


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