COVID-19: Tunisian women detainees make medical masks

The clothing workshop of the Manouba women’s jail has begun to make protective medical masks for the Ministry in line with required standards and criteria, said in a statement to Shems FM radio, Governor of Manouba Raja Trabelsi.

He indicated that the workshop will produce over 800 masks per day after making over 4,000 for security workers at the penitentiary itself. Daily capacity for the workshop may rise to over 1,500 pieces of personal protective equipment per day.

Medical suits and head protection will also be included in the production chain of the prison with the support of the general direction for jails and rehabilitation and the Manouba jail administration.
This production initiative will later be extended to the penitentiaries of Mornaguia and Borj El Amri in the Manouba Governorate, Mahdia, Borj Erroumi in the Bizerte governorate, Messadine in Sousse governorate, spokesperson for the penitentiary administration, Sofiane Mezghiche said. He added that 21,200 protective masks had been produced so far.

Justice and Health ministers, Thouraya Jeribi and Abdellatif Mekki, General Director of the penitentiary administration Ilyes Zallek and Manouba governor Raja Trabelsi visited the Manouba women’s jail to enquire about the production and logistics capacity.

They commended the efforts made by the detainees as part of the national mobilisation to deal with the lack of medical equipment. The Tunisian health minister has announced that wearing masks will be obligatory for anyone in the country’s streets during the general quarantine.


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