Enova Robotics: robots in the service of healthcare personnel and patients

Credit goes to communication cell COVID-19 Abderrahmane Mami Hospital Ariana

Robot helps Tunisia healthcare personnel avoid infection from patients contaminated by COVID-19 

In a first for Tunisia, the robot designed and made by Sousse-based Enova Robotics is deployed by Tunisian hospital caring for coronavirus victims to limit contact between staff and infected patients. 

The robot helps nurses, doctors and patients’ relatives to make virtual bedside visits in a way to reduce contact with the patient and the risk of contamination.

Since its creation in 2014, Enova Robotics has become a key player in service robots. 

CEO and founder of Enova Robotics Anis Sahbani said that the pandemic put a serious stop to our business, which is 100% hardware-based. At the same time, our services are particularly well suited to deal with this crisis, especially in terms of relieving the burden on healthcare staff and supporting patients.

Credit goes to Orange Fab Tunisie

In an interview with startup.orange Anis Sahbani revealed that one of Enova’s customers chose to provide a telepresence robot to the Tunis hospital, which was entirely reassigned to Covid-19 aiming at enabling patients to maintain a link with their loved ones and interact with doctors while reducing physical contact to a minimum. 

He noted that the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in France is interested in the Enova Robotics solution.

“At the same time, we’re developing a robot equipped with thermal sensors to take the temperature of patients at the entrance to hospitals. Equipped with a chatbot, the tool assesses their symptoms and directs them towards a suitable healthcare solution, “ Enova Robotics CEO told startup.orange magazine.


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