Aid to 23 hospitals worth 300,000 dinars from the NGO Islamic Relief Tunisia

The Islamic Relief Tunisia (IRT) organisation will start providing the second batch of aid to 11 Tunisian hospitals on Saturday, May 16 at a financial cost of over 131,000 dinars.

The organization will provide a variety of medical equipment, the most important of which is an integrated analysis unit, advanced respirators, surgical suction pumps and other medical devices, which are listed in the table accompanying this release.

In parallel with the State’s efforts to eradicate the coronavirus epidemic once and for all, the NGO has allocated these important medical devices to certain hospitals with weak infrastructure, such as the complete analysis unit, which will be donated to the regional hospital of Menzel Bourguiba, Bizerte, on 18 May.

In coordination with the Tunisian Ministry of Health, the organization distributed medical aid to 12 hospitals last week at a cost of about 170,000 dinars.


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