The global leaderless protests, an immense wellspring of social and political anger

The protests over the police murder of George Floyd have turned into a global movement of unprecedented scope.

There have been demonstrations in nearly 2,000 cities and towns worldwide since May 25. Large demonstrations were held in London, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Warsaw and many other European cities. More than 12,000 people protested in front of the Norwegian parliament in Oslo on Friday. Protests were organized in Australia, India, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Mexico. Tens of thousands demonstrated across New Zealand last week.

Protests throughout the United States are entering their third week. There have been substantial popular assemblies in every region and state. Some of the largest of these multiracial and multiethnic demonstrations have taken place in the far South.

The global wave of protests is giving expression to an immense wellspring of social and political anger and one of the most striking features of these protests is its “leaderless” character.


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