Tunisia to reopen borders to tourist starting June 27

After more than three months with its borders being locked down, Tunisia will reopen its sea, land and air borders to tourists from on starting June 27.

“The National Committee to Combat the COVID-19 decided at its meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh to allow inter-city travel starting June 4 and to re-open land, air and sea borders on June 27,” TAP reported.

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The government said it will allow travel between provinces to resume June 4th.

 Intercity tourism accounts for 20% of all tourist activity in Tunisia. 

The borders will first be opened to all countries in Europe and Algeria, the same source said. 

“Tunisian borders will soon be open to welcome German, European, Algerian and other tourists,” said Nabil Bziouech, director general of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT), last Friday during a webinar organised by the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK_ on the theme “German tourism in Tunisia: From crisis to recovery.”

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However, a lot will depend on when European nations reopen their borders to non-EU countries.

Authorities are also hoping that Tunisia’s border with Algeria will be reopened. Tunisia’s neighbours made up 25% of the country’s nine million tourist arrivals last year.

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Tunisia has warned that its economy will shrink up to 7% this year, which is the steepest drop since 1956 independence.

The country brings in $1.4 billion in revenue yearly and employees over 400,000 people. 

Forbes recently listed Tunisia as one of the top 7 countries for becoming a top tourist destination in a post-covid world

The US magazine said Tunisia is “Rife with picturesque Mediterranean beaches, ancient ruins, and Maghrebi cuisine, Tunisia is shaping up to be the perfect destination for those wishing to experience the vibrant and unique culture of North Africa.

For many potential visitors, the nation’s extensive coastline serves as a major draw with the northeastern Cap Bon peninsula packed with idyllic white sand beaches and the bustling capital of Tunis just a short distance away.

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Tunisia has recorded 1,070 cases of covid-19 resulting in 48 deaths, with only two people still in hospital.

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