Tunisian diplomacy and signs of promising reforms

Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Basic trade Union

Following the meeting held on June 17, 2020, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Noureddine Erray, the basic trade Union of the Foreign Ministry’s officers and executives, stemming from the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) informs its members of the following agreements.

-The pledge to respect the criteria for appointing the heads of the diplomatic and consular missions abroad agreed upon in the minutes of former meetings with the administrative side which is an important gain that the basic union has called for since its creation in 2011.

– The basic Trade Union should be involved in this annual movement of the Heads of the Diplomatic mission before its announcement.

– Monitoring the outcome of the minutes of the agreement inked with the Minister of the Foreign Affairs on June 10, 2020, with the trade union concerning, in particular, the complementary annual movement.
In this respect, both sides placed emphasis during the meeting to strive to purify the social climate within the Ministry.

The basic union of the foreign Ministry commends the understanding of the Minister of Foreign Affairs by confirming his tireless efforts with the central trade union to resolve the outstanding issues such as the basic statutes and the premiums of the ministry’s agents in their different categories voicing readiness to continue serious and constructive dialogue with the administrative side.

This agreement with the Basic trade union of the Foreign Ministry is a positive precedent to enhance a sound environment in the Ministry.
Since assuming the duty of Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Noureddine Erray has made sincere efforts in promoting the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs despite the delicate circumstance and the challenges of the Coronavirus and regional conditions in Libya.

Tunisian diplomacy success

The Tunisian diplomacy has succeeded in a short time, and as instructed by President Kais Saied and Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh, in strengthening Tunisia’s presence in the international and regional forums and its effective participation in regional and international meetings and conferences via video conferencing technology, in addition to the Foreign Minister’s telephone conversations with his international counterparts and holding talks with foreign ambassadors accredited in Tunisia.

Besides, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accelerated, in coordination with various competent structures, the evacuation of Tunisians stranded abroad, despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Primary goal of Tunisian diplomacy

The primary goal of Tunisian diplomacy in this delicate period remains as fruitful interaction with the challenges posed by the Coronavirus, ensuring our economic presence on the regional scene, preserving the employment of our diaspora abroad, and moving forward to consolidate the foundations of the new Mediterranean solidarity.

We all remember the great Italian welcome to Tunisia’s support for its northern neighbour in combating the Coronavirus and the forthcoming visit of President Kais Saied to Paris, which would lay the foundations for a more effective and solidarity partnership between the two countries.

The Tunisian wise stance towards the Libyan conflict remains one of the tools for the upcoming Tunisian diplomatic success.


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