Libya, Tunisia resume border trading under safety measures

Libya and Tunisia have resumed trading operations, allowing cargo trucks to transit goods via Ras Jedir crossing border, after months of suspension due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Libya Observer reported.

Director of Ras Jedir border, brigadier general Abu Rabi Makhlouf emphasized that the handover and receipt operations are carried out according to specific conditions set by a Libyan-Tunisian committee specialized in this regard.

Makhlouf explained that the trucks stop at a specific point at each sides of the border to have their cargo checked in terms of health and expiry date. After, another driver from the other side of the border takes over, and drives the truck to its final destination in the importing country.

Libya and Tunisia agreed on last April to resume commercial traffic after setting a joint mechanism to ensure control of virus spreading across the border, especially with truck drivers.


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