Double Gold for Tunisia’s Triomphe Thuccabor at first edition of Dubai Olive Oil Competition

The Ben Ismail family reserve with its Triomphe Robust, Triomphe Early Harvest has been awarded the Double Gold of the 2020 Dubai Olive Oil Competition and Best Olive Oil Organic.

The Triomphe Thuccabor olive oil brand, including the Triomphe Robust, Triomphe Early Harvest is produced by the Ben Ismail farm in Toukaber, Medjez El Bab (northwest of Tunisia).

Maher Ben Ismail, co-founder of the Ben Ismail Family reserve who is also a member of the Jury of this first Edition of Dubai Olive Oil Competition said in social media, “since 2015 we have received some of the best quality awards in the world, prestigious national and international competitions have been coming to our Family Reserve.”

“Awards that make us proud at the same time are the best encouragement for our family who works hard for the excellence of our organic extra virgin Triomphe while respecting nature and biodiversity in our olive grove”, he added.

“Another international recognition that comes today from the Emirates Double Gold for our 2 oils (Triomphe Robust, Triomphe Early Harvest) at the prestigious Dubai 2020 competition, gives us the prestige, visibility, strength and positive energy to continue on our way”, he noted proudly. 

The Ben Ismail family reserve of the Triomphe Thuccabor brand has also received awards with BIOL 2020.

The organic olive oil brand Triomphe Thuccabor won for the third time in a row the Extra Gold medal at the xxv edition of the international prize BIOL 2020 of the Best Organic Olive Oil in the world.

Additionally, Triomphe Thuccabor is positioned at the top 13 extra gold medals of the competition for ultra-premium oils from the early harvest before November which is a very selective competition.

The Tunisian extra virgin olive oil Triomphe Thuccabor has been also distinguished in the United States of America by winning another gold medal at the 21st edition of the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition for 2020.

One of the largest olive oil competitions took place in Dubai from the 15th to the 17th of July 2020

The Dubai competition provided the chance for the participants to win medals, and the opportunity to be able to market the best olive oil organic products on the Dubai competition shops which are currently opening in New York / Dubai / Munich / Shanghai and France. 

For this first Edition, Dubai Olive Oil Competition brought together 287 Producers from 17 countries.

Despite COVID-19 lockdown, Dubai Olive Oil Competition is the only event to take place in 2020 with juries physically present since the start of this pandemic.

The Dubai Olive Oil Competition is not only about rewarding the best olive oils but also presenting the best marketable olive oils.

Besides, there will be two competitions per year in Dubai, one in June and one in January for the early harvest.

TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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