Transport: new ro-ro shipping between Marina Carrara-Sousse

A new shipping line for the transport of wheeled cargo was implemented this week between Marina di Carrara, Italy, and Sousse, Tunisia, said the maritime shipping industry website Shipping Italy.

It said the ship making the route is the Vasaland, a roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) for carrying vehicles that are loaded and disembarked on their own wheels. The chartered ship is 155 metres long and has 2,170 linear metres of capacity for wheeled cargo. Nikkos.

Frangos, managing director of the new Cypriot shipping company Anarres Shipping, said the new route will run weekly. “The initiative was put in place because we believe that the North African market, and in particular the Tunisian one, is destined to grow a lot in the coming years,” Frangos said.

“We expect significant growth in demand for sea transport due to the ‘relocalisation’ of many production facilities that will be transferred from Bangladesh and China, and in Tunisia, many new industries will open,” he said. “At full capacity, we are aiming to transport between 10,000 and 12,000 trailers per year with this route,” said Frangos.

According to the Anarres website, Frangos comes from a family with a long history in shipping, and the company has “one goal: to securely transfer goods between Italy, France and Tunisia with a timely, reliable and regular shipping service”.

A port of call in the south of France is a second step that will be put in place as soon as the route starts bringing in expected results. “To extend the line to France as well, we will need a faster ro-ro ship, but we will deal with that when the time comes,” Frangos said. “For now, we are focusing on the transport axis that goes from Germany and Austria to Tunisia through Italy,” he said. The company is targeting logistics operators and those who regularly send cargo between Italy and Tunisia.


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