“Keep Your Eye On the Sea” campaign for reducing plastic in Mediterranean

  • A campaign respecting Sustainable Development Goals
  • Keep Your  Eye on your sea: awareness campaign for preserving Ghar El Melh

Every year, the Movement for a Clean and Green Tunisia, in cooperation with the “Biaa News” magazine, organizes awareness campaigns for the benefit of children, to preserve the sea and prevent plastic waste throwing.

This initiative aims at extending awareness and educational messages mainly with the slogan, “swim here, but leave your place clean.” “The sea is our pleasure, everyone enjoys it and must be kept clean.”

 It is noteworthy that our shores this summer complain of the accumulation of household waste and plastic bags and bottles.

 The time has come for the concerned structures of municipalities, environmental police and civil society to prevent these behaviours of the citizen who has offended the sea environment.

‘Camy’ Mathlouthi , founder of the initiative  FOR A CLEAN AND GREEN TUNISIA and a leading Environmental Activist in Tunisia,  started the activism shortly after the Arab Spring Revolution in January 2011.


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