New training and employment opportunities for future “Digital Talents”

The cooperation on the “Start-U” program in partnership between Proxym, Enova Robotics and GIZ aims to improve employability, enhance adaptability and talent retention and support gender equality in the ICT sector.

A cooperation agreement between the two Tunisian innovative companies Proxym, Enova Robotics and the German Cooperation implemented by GIZ is signed to finance the development of the “START-U” work-linked training program and launch its opening on the innovation ecosystem in Tunisia.

On an initiative launched in 2018 by Proxym, Start-U is a work-linked training program offered to young Tunisians with a degree in IT, who are unemployed or in the process of completing their degree and who wish to obtain an engineering degree while having a job in the IT sector in Tunisia.

The first two cohorts of the Start-U 2018 and 2019 program have trained and employed about forty young talents who thus benefit from academic training in IT engineering at the international multidisciplinary school of Sousse (EPI) and a progressive professional integration within the Proxym company.

 From 2020, GIZ, Proxym and Enova Robotics aim to expand this proven program, by launching a partnership between the three parties for the 2020-2021 cohort targeting 33 students recruited; to further expand the partnership in 2021-2022 with at least two additional IT companies and reach a cohort of 100 students, thus opening up to all companies that make up the innovation ecosystem in all regions of Tunisia. This will lead to the creation of sustainable jobs and make “Start-U” a brand recognized for its excellence among digital professionals in Tunisia.

“As much as Proxym has been a major exporter on three continents since its creation, it is also subject to the brain drain of its talents. In the digital sector we also know how to innovate to meet the challenges: And Start-U is precisely an innovation concocted to prepare our future recruits to our corporate values and technologies but also to improve their career development to become the future digital talents with internationally recognized skills.  Thus Proxym has always been a career elevator. “says Wassel Berrayana, CEO and Founder of Proxym.

This mechanism will ultimately significantly increase the employability of young graduates, reduce unemployment and increase the competitiveness of innovative companies on an international scale. “said Anis Sahbeni, CEO & Founder of Enova Robotics.

“Innovative digital companies such as Proxym and Enova are an important driving force for the development of the digital industry, but also for the future viability of the Tunisian economy,” explains Norman Schräpel, head of the “Digital Transformation” program at GIZ Tunisia.

“This is why we are supporting them and other companies, through German Cooperation, in the development of well-trained Tunisian talent, in order to continue their growth and create new sustainable jobs in Tunisia”, he adds.

Global agenda of the Start-U 2020-2021 cohort :
-Selection of 33 new talents among the candidates who applied for the position
-Enrol them in a work-study program (2.5 years) co-constructed with an engineering school in Sousse
-Adapt the content of the engineering degree to integrate quality assurance, business skills, general skills, problem-solving skills, etc.
-Contribution of engineers and experts from Proxym and Enova Robotics at 40% in the training of Start-U graduates with a focus on specific technologies and business-related aspects
-Gradual integration of students into Proxym and Enova’s production teams to work on projects ranging from 0% integration in the first year to 100% integration after 2.5 years”.


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