Ministry of Trade implements measures to market dates

The Ministry of Trade and Export Development, the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP), the National Chamber of Commerce, the Interprofessional Group of Dates and the Inter-professional Fruit Group (GiFruit) has announced a series of measures to promote the marketing of dates on local and foreign markets, TAP reports.

Under this agreement, UTAP will undertake, in coordination with the Inter-professional Group of Dates and the GiFruit to supply supermarkets with dates and pomegranates, directly through cooperatives and without going through intermediaries. These quantities of dates and pomegranates will be marketed at preferential prices, the same source said.

The agreement also provides for the large-scale installation of points of sale from the producer to the consumer and the diversification of supply in the sales areas to meet different forms of demand, consumption and distribution.

It also provides for the organisation of an annual event called “The month of dates” in parallel with the start of the harvest, to anchor the consumption of dates on the local market outside the month of Ramadan.


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