EU Re-Med project launched, using rubble waste for roads in Mediterranean

 The RE-MED project was launched on Tuesday during a videoconference attended by project managers and representatives of Mediterranean and European media.

It aims to transform construction and demolition (C&D) waste into resources for road construction and maintenance in Mediterranean countries,

The RE-MED project consists of the “Application of innovation for the development of the circular economy for sustainable construction in the Mediterranean, ” involving four countries: Tunisia, France, Italy and Lebanon.

This project which is part of the largest European cross-border cooperation programme with the Mediterranean countries, is supervised by the Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risk, Environment, Mobility and Planning (CEREMA), over a 30-month period, from October 2020 to March 2023.

“The RE-MED project has a €3.1m budget, 90% of which is funded by the EU; it was born of the need to reduce the environmental and health impacts due to failures in the management of C&D waste.

“RE-MED relies on technology transfer (TT) to transform C&D waste into resources for road construction and maintenance,” the project partners said.

The challenge of this TT is to start building a recycling chain for C&D waste and to use it for the societal, environmental and digital transition of the Mediterranean territories, they added.

The project intends to support the Tunisian and Lebanese Environment Ministries to change regulations and make use of at least 20% recycled aggregates in road construction.


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