CORE creative hub hosts its first cohort

Credit goes to Rambourg Foundation Facebook Page by Adly Aouni

The Rambourg Foundation announced the first cohort of its new CORE creative hub program, during an event organized in its premises on December 4, 2020, dedicated to the support and strengthening of creative and cultural entrepreneurs.

Shiran Ben Abderrazak, CEO of the Rambourg Foundation, said that “the cultural and creative industry has a fairly large potential capable of boosting Tunisia’s economy if it is properly exploited”.

The CORE program takes place over a period of six months. The selected companies are accompanied in a phase of personalized diagnosis in one to one, then a phase of strategic and operational advice with experts that will lead to the creation of a customized training course. In addition, more general training cycles will be dedicated to strengthening and automating existing creative post-creation companies.

The Rambourg Foundation will provide the 9 selected projects with its resources such as a team of experts and trainers as well as the creative hub, a workspace equipped with video projectors and videoconferencing that offers numerous services for B2B or B2C meetings, networking events and information resources and documentation (a library, articles, reports, studies, …).

Presenting the objectives of this program, Ben Abderrazak said it aims to strengthen the capacity of creative and cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs through training and specialized advice. He stressed the importance of encouraging networking, providing preconditions for “scaling up” economic activities and the development of small creative enterprises.

For the first call for applications of the CORE program, the selection committee, which was composed of the CEO of the Rambourg Foundation, experts in communication and finance, entrepreneurs and the head of the creative incubator Minassa, selected 16 projects from the 54 applications they received for the pitching sessions. Following these hearings, the selection committee selected nine ambitious projects that form the inaugural promotion of this program:

Klink: a platform for Booking and Artist Production. It brings together artists (from different disciplines) and event organizers (Companies, Individuals). It offers artists a promotional space to finance their projects through participatory financing.
Studio Barguellil is a studio dedicated to photography (shooting and fine art printing).
Akacia Production: a program of function and capacity building of the arts and performing arts, and structuring of cultural organizations that are active in regions outside the capital.
Myari Studio: a creative studio collaborating with agencies, luxury brands, designers and startups to build brand platforms and effective communication solutions.
Espace Khazna d’art: a training center specializing in cultural education (theater, music, visual arts and dance).
Rives production: a film and television production company.
Design Lab: a collective of artists and designers who realize artistic performances through new technologies and especially video mapping and augmented reality.
Digital Cultural Experience: a startup that opens to the enhancement of heritage through new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.
From December 7, 2020, these 9 creative entrepreneurs will be able to start their CORE experience.

The design of this program was the result of a study conducted by the Rambourg Foundation in 2019 on a sample of 202 creative and cultural structures in Tunisia to better understand their real needs. It turned out that there was a need for support and development of the structures and activities through coaching and strengthening of their entrepreneurial and managerial skills.


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