4800 Tunisian entrepreneurs to benefit from Tashil program

Brieuc Cardon, DG Advans Tunisia said, Monday during an interview with Express FM radio, that Advans Tunisia is a microfinance institution, part of a global group leader in the field, which is present in 9 countries in Africa and Asia. He added that through these countries, the institution already serves nearly one million entrepreneurs and farmers.

He explained that Advans has been present in Tunisia since 2015 and has granted 45,000 credits for more than 320 million dinars in total. “We have 16 branches in all governorates of the country, so that our credits from 1000 to 40000 dinars are easily accessible. “

Brieuc Cardon said that for the most fragile entrepreneurs in times of crisis, the measures undertaken were not sufficient. “That is why we first launched the program 3 times 100% which is launched with two partners Ademe and Tamss.

They are two associations that work in coaching and accompanying entrepreneurs. The “3 times 100%” program: 100% remote, 100% customized, 100% free” focuses on the economic recovery of the clients’ activity, maintaining employment, and developing the technical and managerial skills of entrepreneurs. “1,000 entrepreneurs have benefited from the program, which is currently being evaluated and we will most certainly continue this program in 2021,” added Brieuc Cardon.

In addition, regarding the Tashil program, the CEO of Advans Tunisia said that it was launched in 2020 with the cooperation of the U.S. government and is part of Tunisia Job funded by USAID. “The ambition is to support 4,800 Tunisian entrepreneurs and farmers by targeting in priority young people, women and companies heavily impacted by the crisis.  »

Tashil is a package that contains a credit adapted to the client’s needs, access to a financial education platform and a reward paid on the MobiTasdid card co-branded with the Tunisian Post Office when the client succeeds in using this channel for the payment of future instalments. The package, therefore, contains a credit part, a donation part and financial education through a dedicated platform.


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