Letter from a wounded Palestine to Western leaders

History taught us that repression and injustice are not a permanent solution and all calculations of oppression betray soon or later the colonizer. This is the case of Palestine.

Palestine means lasting sufferance and tragedy of a people experienced longer the soreness, pain and patience…a people with their first half martyrs, its second a refugees, and the others are waiting for their fate with courage. 

Palestine remains away from seasons of happiness. It is not necessary to be a Palestinian to admire Palestinians for their bitter struggle, as commented an Arabic broadcaster. Whatever your nationality, you love the great people who try to exercise the right to defend themselves as real victims, facing the most heinous colonial power in history, which ignored tremendous International resolutions and broke the rules and laws. We realize in this context the huge gap between International law and justice in this conflict.

Palestinians made enormous sacrifices for their land and sacraments, and our needed duty not letting them alone in this time, facing no limits of Israel’s savagery.

Sadly, many western leaders continue supporting Israel by considering its brutality as a self-defence, but never saying anything about Palestinian rights. They are restricting the conflict between Palestinian action and Israeli reaction, ignoring the daily assault and constant violence perpetrated against Palestinians, but the issue is between occupier against occupied. 

Why western leaders reassert their support for Israel, despite its long crimes against a defenceless people, why they do not help to halt its horrible aggressions during decades, even to utter a word of criticism at Israel for its settlement expansion, attacking unarmed protesters, destroying houses, burning towns, cutting olive trees and its eviction policies…etc.

After all that, we want that Palestinians be silent and satisfied with all those crimes committed against them.

Western biased policy and unconditional support are risk factor, which let Israel expose its brute force military on the innocent civilians unhesitatingly and ruthlessly.

Unfortunately, the Israeli air raids will instigate some young people to join terrorism. The footages and scenes of explosions, dead bodies and gushing blood… arouse anger among them. 

Our fears that western countries will pay the price of Israeli’s crimes and follies. So western leaders should take such a dangerous shift in consideration and be the sound of free peoples and respect institutions who stand opposed to such injustice and terror. They should stop repeating that Israel is a democratic country and stop flaunting it after all its scenes of harm inflicted upon innocent people.

Israeli policies did not help to spread coexistence and did not help to mitigate violence and polarization. The horrifying words coming out of the mouths of Zionists and Israel officials such as the death to Arab, which was chanted in Jerusalem, supposed to prompt western leaders to review their stances away from defending an ethnic cleansing strategy and a system of apartheid and occupation, its option to exterminate even the souls and feelings.

Palestinians realize that the agony will be not the last, the aggressor will target them again and a new round of the fresh offensive will explode from time to time, but they will not give up, they will demonstrate that they are an invincible people, even it gathered against them all the oppressors and hardened criminals and even the international community continue turning a blind eye to Israel’s atrocities.

It is time for humanity to put an end to this injustice and all form of any coming aggression. It is time for the world’s conscience to fully support the aspirations of Palestinians to freedom and independence for peace consolidation and confidence in the world.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma chedly)

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