Center of Democracy, Citizenship and Development: strengthening participatory democracy and principles of governance at local level

The Center of Democracy, Citizenship and Development in Ben Arous is a program funded by the German Hans Seidel Foundation in partnership with the Tunisian League for Nationalism since its establishment in 2017.

The center played a pivotal role in meeting the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years. It has trained more than 400 local leaders as part of the School of Governance Program.

Besides, the various activities of the Center aimed at strengthening participatory democracy and principles of governance at the local level, in which representatives from the municipalities of the Ben Arous region, civil society activists as well as actors took part.

The Center empowered their participatory and supervising roles with technical and legal tools.

It chooses to work to strengthen the field of youth and women, employment and reduce unemployment and social problems stemming from it. It will work with partners and actors in the field for creative ideas that give new hope to citizens and encourage them to take the initiative in order to achieve local economic development.

The environmental field is chief among the new priorities in the center’s areas of intervention. Today, in light of the climate changes we are experiencing, the centre focuses, like many initiatives around the world, to take care of the environmental aspect, so that we may contribute to improve the living conditions of the population and fight pollution for a better future for the coming generations to live in a healthy environment.

It maintains the support of open governance because it is the key to the success of all local public services and can lead to better results, work effectiveness and goals efficiency.

The Center for Democracy, Nationalism and Development is present in five regions as a pioneering experience and it works with many partners and actors in order to achieve inclusive local development and for the progress of local communities.


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