World Bank to continue cooperation programs with Tunisia

World Bank’s senior official said Wednesday that the institution is ready to continue the implementation of cooperation programs with Tunisia, TAP reported.

World Bank Group’s Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa Ferid Belhaj made the remarks during a videoconference with Tunisian Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied.

Belhaj noted the programs would help social and economic integration and support the small and medium-sized enterprises in Tunisia, adding that the World Bank continues to follow the economic and financial situation in the country.

“The World Bank is also ready to support the reforms planned by the government to ensure economic recovery and overcome the current crisis,” TAP quoted Belhaj as saying.

For his part, Samir Said affirmed that the new government, aware of the challenges facing the country, is currently looking into the development of an urgent reform program.

“The priorities of this program are boosting economic activity, improving the situation of public finance, and developing good governance,” he said.

“Tunisia is relying, in this reform process, on its own capacities, but it also expects greater support from its partners,” said the minister, expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation between Tunisia and the World Bank.

He also wished for more cooperation between the two sides, particularly in digitization and technological innovation.


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