Global Olive Oil Imports down

Global virgin olive oils and non-virgin olive oils imports have significantly fallen during the 2020/21 crop year, according to the data reported by the International Olive Council (IOC).

Between October 2020 and August 2021, total olive oil imports reached 813,476 tons, representing an eight-per cent drop compared with the previous season.

Virgin olive oils constituted 76 per cent of all imports, followed by non-virgin olive oils with 19 per cent and olive pomace oils at six per cent

The 2020/21 crop year was heavily affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on olive oil commercialization, storage volumes, price and consumption.

Outside of the European Union, Tunisia also experienced a significant decrease, with imports from the North African producer decreasing by 22 per cent. Still, Tunisia remains one of the most significant olive oil-producing countries, with 218,261 tons of olive oil imported from the country, equal to a 27-per cent share of the global import market.


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