Kumulus Water refreshes air to provide water to 570 school children

Tunisian start-up Kumulus Water, specializing in hydrological engineering, has designed solar-powered water generators. The device, called “Kumulus 1”, is equipped with four filters and smart features that provide drinking water to 570 schoolchildren in Makthar.

Some 570 schoolchildren Makthar, governorate of Siliana, now have a regular supply of drinking water thanks to a new system called “Kumulus 1”. It was installed as part of a partnership between the Tunisian foundation Wallah We Can, which operates in the education sector, and the start-up Kamulus Water, which specializes in hydrological engineering.

These are atmospheric water generators with a unit production capacity of 20 to 30 liters per day, fitted with a control panel and an application designed by a team of six staff. “Technically, the atmospheric water generator is conceived to produce water from the ambient air.

It draws in the air and dusts it, then dehumidifies it by lowering its temperature to the dew point to create condensation. The water condensed in the machine then passes through four filters to remove impurities,” explains the start-up cofounder Mohamed Ali Abid and Iheb Triki. This solution contributes to the improvement of water supply in Tunisia.


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