The Neo QLED 8K and The Freestyle, two new Samsung products land on the Tunisian market

A new generation of TVs with stunning picture quality and a portable smart projector that stands out from the crowd

Samsung Electronics Ltd. officially announces the launch of its new range of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs and The Freestyle portable smart projector in Tunisia, both of which are now available in all local Samsung shops and outlets.

With the Neo QLED 8K, Samsung introduces a new TV technology to the Tunisian market that pushes the boundaries and enhances the already wide range of products with exceptional advances in picture quality, sound and connectivity.

Neo QLED 8K, more than just a TV.

The Neo QLED 8K range opens up a new era in colour and contrast. It offers an enhanced experience through artificial intelligence, new features and a more realistic picture.

Users can enjoy an immersive experience with the splendid detail of the Neo QLED 8K, regardless of the quality of the source content, thanks to the Quantum Neural 8K processor with Artificial Intelligence.

Credit goes to Abdelmajid Thabet

A powerful processor:

Whether watching the beauty of slow-motion movies or watching a sports competition, Samsung’s Quantum Neural 8K processor transports viewers with 8K upscaling, which delivers 8K resolution regardless of the original resolution of the content.

Exceptional contrast and brightness:

The MiniLEDs in Neo QLED 8K is 40x smaller than standard LEDs, allowing for higher density and offering dramatically improved contrast when combined with the Neural Quantum 8K processor. A new 14-bit mapping further optimises the performance of the TVs and an anti-reflection filter removes all sources of distraction for the user, while the Neo QLED 8K ensures that users in all positions can enjoy a crisp, clear picture from all angles and with wide viewing angles.

State-of-the-art design:

Following the traits of Infinity One Design, this new ultra-thin 15mm thick TV comes with a stainless steel finish for an assured foolproof guarantee.

Great audio experience:

With OTS+ technology ensures breathtakingly immersive sound. And to take it to the next level, the TV can be combined with a Samsung sound bar and even enjoy Dolby Atmos sound wirelessly – a first in the market!

Credit goes to Abdelmajid Thabet

The Freestyle: A product for sharing and mobility

Different from the majority of projectors on the market, The Freestyle projector stands out for its originality and the practicality of its use. It is indeed a nomadic product, designed to slip into a bag and be used everywhere.

Easy to carry, The Freestyle projector is a product of freedom and sharing. The Freestyle projector is easy to install and takes only a few seconds to set up. Once plugged in, the focus and keystone adjustment are done automatically. The size of the image can be adjusted. It can be tilted 180° and projects onto a wall or ceiling, making it ideal for watching a film in bed, for example.

The Freestyle is a versatile product, suitable for all uses and passions. It can connect directly to any smartphone or other device, to share photos and videos freely, in all circumstances.

It can also restore image parallelism to avoid distortion, adjust colour calibration according to the background on which it projects the image, or adjust its focus on the fly to get a sharp image.

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