Tunisia to launch a promotional program for exports to Libya

The Ministry of Trade announced it would put forth a work charter and national promotional program towards Libya and sub-Saharan Africa during the coming days.

The news came during the Tunisian Minister of Trade and Export Development, Kalthoum Ben Rajab’s Friday announcement of the formation of the Tunisia Export Team, as she supervised a working session to follow up the progress of its events.

According to a statement by the Tunisian Ministry of Trade, the tasks of the Tunisia Export Team were defined, and the work charter to be adhered to by the various concerned apparatuses, as a reference document, were discussed, in addition to a presentation on the promotional program of the Exports Promotion Center to Libya and Sub-Saharan Africa 2023, by searching for new export opportunities and taking advantage of all opportunities for Tunisian commodities, especially since they are of high quality and have export potential in foreign markets.

The participants unanimously agreed on the importance of this initiative and the need for coordination among all parties, and to inform the exporters involved in the presentations and promotional operations of Tunisian products and services abroad.

Trade exchanges between Tunisia and Libya increased by 67% in the 11 months of last year, compared to an increase of only 7% between 2010 and 2021, meaning that the improvement in economic relations between the two countries in 11 months amounted to double that in 11 years.


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