World Bank finances Tunisia-Europe undersea cable project to connect energy grids

The Tunisia-Europe undersea cable project, which would link the electrical grids of Tunisia and Europe, has received approval for $268.4m in finance from the World Bank Group‘s board of directors. Additionally, it will assist the trade in renewable energy. Which is crucial to Tunisia’s plan for climate change and sustainable development.

The initiative will strengthen the World Bank’s long-standing collaboration with the Tunisian government in the energy sector, according to Alexandre Arrobbio, the country’s World Bank manager.

Furthermore, Italy’s Terna and Tunisia’s Steg are working together to build the 600-megawatt Tunisia-Europe undersea cable project, which will connect Capo Bon with Sicily. It is anticipated to be completed in 2028. The project, the first pillar of the relationship between Tunisia and the World Bank, marks a turning point. For the country’s energy industry and opens the door for other energy-related investments and projects in the future. Additionally, the national energy policy for 2035, which intends to boost the share of electricity generation from renewable energies to 35 per cent, is supported by the World Bank, according to Alexandre Arrobio.


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